What If?


What if the God you love is not the God of the Bible?

What if all the people you’ve taken advice from aren’t even reliable?

What if God is not glorified if you love him for characteristics he does not possess?

What if this God leaves you unsatisfied; would he still appear to be righteous?

What if His way is different than your reasoning; would considering it hurt your pride?

What if Satan temps Christians with theology that is pleasing rather than scripture being the place where our trust resides?

What if God’s design of love far exceeds anything man could discover alone?

What if Romans 3 told you that you were entirely incapable of believing in Him on your own?

What if free will exists but the fall caused us all to be resistant?

What if it’s a blessing that only Christ in us persists; do you really want a God or just an assistant?

What if this made you feel uninvolved in your salvation?

What if God didn’t ask your opinion when he spoke you into creation?

What if the Bible is ultimately about the Creator?

What if our eternal survival is simply another means to point to the Savior?

What if, in desiring to know God more, you’ve resorted to confining him with your own limits?

What if letting go of logic enabled your faith to soar? He’s given you the light; stop trying to dim it.

What if your God is not the God of the bible at all?

The question we must all answer, “What if my God is too small?”


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