My Name Is Grace


The day you entered the world, your desires were pulling you away.
Your mother sees bright eyes and curls, but your Father sees a price you can’t pay.
Your very first breath, only one step closer to your grave.
You are running toward death. Sin is your master, you are its slave.
You grow older, constantly searching for peace.
You are a soldier, but only end up on your knees.
You keep fighting, but failing all the more.
You just go into hiding; you know you’ve already lost the war.
You close your eyes; you inhale one last breath.
Now you realize, you were destined only for death.
But then…
I reached out and caught you. I lifted you out of the hole.
When there was nothing more you could do, I gave you a new soul.
Now you’ll find peace. You don’t have to fight.
So get up off your knees, just follow the light.
The war has come to an end. Your life has just begun.
Even though you have sinned, I have already won.
There is no need to fear, just keep your eyes set on my face.
I will always be there. My name is grace.

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